About Us



The Glacier Glove legacy began in 1982, the focus started in fishing and then quickly developed in hunting gloves. Since that day, we have been utilizing the best fabrics and designs, striving to make the outdoor experience more comfortable. The avid outdoorsmen needed to have warmth, but also the dexterity to function comfortably in the outdoors. Over time, many other outdoor enthusiasts discovered the benefits of the Glacier Glove products as we have absolutely designed them to keep your hands warm. We stick to the basics that have continued to make our gloves number one sellers for over 35 years. Dexterity and feel are the main ingredients. Additional Glacier Glove products utilized windproof fleece to function in the cold, wet, or windy conditions. Glacier Glove established itself as a cold weather company.

Glacier Glove’s alter ego, sun products. Several years ago, the company saw the increasing demand for sun protection products. In a short period of time, Glacier Glove developed sun protection gear for the hands and the head with the idea that each was created to extend the outdoor experience. The sun protection products greatly reduced the dependency of sun lotions and creams that could enter streams, lakes and oceans. We have made a commitment to provide products of 50+UPF and they are tested to verify the rating. All of our sun protection products are designed with a purpose.

Those who have used our products include: Fisherman, Hunters, Paddlers, Competitive Cyclists, Ice Climbers, Hikers, Navy Seals, U.S. Coast Guard, Antarctic Expeditions, Climbers on Mt. Everest and Aconcagua, SUP, Surfers, Kayakers, the U.S. Treasury Department during the 2004 Winter Olympics, and Outdoor Enthusiasts throughout the world.