About Us

Over 30 Years of Performance & Quality

Some of us live to be outside. In the sun, wind rain or snow, we constantly want to experience all Mother Nature has to offer. This derive lives deep within Glacier Glove. We spend as much time as possible outdoors and enjoy it more when we are comfortable. Since 1982 we have been striving to find new ways to protect you without sacrificing dexterity. At Glacier Glove, we seek out the best materials, best practices and undying passion to be outside, and that is our mission that goes into every product design.

The Glacier Glove legacy began in 1982 when we made our first fishing gloves. Standing on the cold shores of Pyramid Lake, Nevada, the inspiration for our first model was born. Since that day we have continued to enhance the products by finding better fabrics and improved designs, striving to make the outdoor experience more enjoyable. In 1998 we launched into sun protection gloves and hats and today we are continuing to expand our line with products that will carry the same high level of quality and performance.

Those who have used Glacier Gloves include a wide and diverse audience. We started by reaching out to fishermen, and then hunters. In time, we have found paddlers, ice climbers, hikers, and horseback riders Several governmental and military sources started using Glacier Gloves, including Navy Seals and the U.S. Coast Guard. Professional teams on Antarctic Expeditions, climbers on Mt. Everest and Aconcagua have used our gloves. The U.S. Treasury Department used our product during the 2002 Winter Olympics. We are proud to have met the needs of all these different groups.

Glacier Glove continues to set the standards in the materials, workmanship, and quality. We strive to offer the best value to our customers.